General Settings


The General Settings panel on the Account Settings screen of the SuperAdmin interface allows administrators to add general information about the selected account and its primary contact.

The fields and options available for this panel in the SuperAdmin interface are very similar to the options available in the Account Settings screen in the normal OU Campus interface. The fields in the General Settings panel are as follows:

  • Account Name: Required. Name assigned to account. This cannot be edited once the account has been created.
  • First Name: Defines the first name of the main contact for the account.
  • Last Name: Defines the last name of the main contact for the account.
  • Email Address: Defines the email address for the main contact for the account. Messages sent by the system will come from
  • Phone: Defines the phone number for the main contact for the account.
  • Institution: Defines the name of the institution associated with the account. The value entered here is shown on the Account screen as the Name
  • Street: Defines the street number and name of the institution's address.
  • City: Defines the city of the institution's address.
  • State: Defines the state of the institution's address.
  • ZIP: Defines the zip code of the institution's address.
  • Country: Defines the country of the institution's address.

General Settings Panel in SuperAdmin