General Settings


The General Settings panel on the Account Settings screen of the SuperAdmin interface allows administrators to add general information about the selected account and its primary contact.

The fields and options available for this panel in the SuperAdmin interface are very similar to the options available in the Account Settings screen in the normal OU Campus interface. The fields in the General Settings panel are as follows:

  • Account Name: Required. Name assigned to account. This cannot be edited once the account has been created.
  • First Name: Defines the first name of the main contact for the account.
  • Last Name: Defines the last name of the main contact for the account.
  • Email Address: Defines the email address for the main contact for the account. Messages sent by the system will come from
  • Phone: Defines the phone number for the main contact for the account.
  • Institution: Defines the name of the institution associated with the account. The value entered here is shown on the Account screen as the Name
  • Street: Defines the street number and name of the institution's address.
  • City: Defines the city of the institution's address.
  • State: Defines the state of the institution's address.
  • ZIP: Defines the zip code of the institution's address.
  • Country: Defines the country of the institution's address.
  • Time Zone: Sets the time zone for any date and time stamps within the system. Leave this blank for the server default; for SaaS, the time zone default is "America/Los Angeles." For self-hosted systems, the default is wherever the staging server for the account is housed. If the Time Zone value is set at the site level, that value will overwrite this value. Setting a time zone at the user level will overwrite any value set at the site or account level.
  • Locale: Sets the general locale and determines the default dictionary language. Leave blank for server default, which is "English (United States)." The locale will also determine the display format for date/time stamps seen throughout the system. Setting a locale at the site level overwrites the account setting, and setting a locale for a user overwrites the site and account setting.

    For a list of locales in the system, visit the Locales List page.
  • Help URL: Overrides the Help link found in the upper right-hand corner of the OU Campus system with the URL defined. If left blank, clicking the Help link will take users to the OU Campus support site. Ensure that the URL entered in this field begins with http:// or https:// and ends with a slash.
  • Logo URL: Overrides the default icon located in the upper, left-hand corner of the CMS. If left blank, the OU Campus logo is displayed.
  • JustEdit: Allows administrators to choose whether JustEdit is on for everyone, off for everyone, whether it can be be activated on a per-user basis by an administrator, or whether it can be activated on a per-users basis by each user themselves.

General Settings Panel in SuperAdmin