OU Campus allows authorized users to automatically send tweets to linked Twitter accounts when a page is published or scheduled to publish. Multiple Twitter accounts can be added to a site, and users can choose to which account the tweet will be sent.

While all users with publishing rights can be granted the ability to send a tweet to Twitter when publishing a page, Level 10 administrators need to perform the initial configuration within OU Campus by linking the desired Twitter accounts with OU Campus. This can be done from Setup > Twitter. For more information on how to link Twitter accounts, please visit the Setup Twitter page.

After the initial configuration is completed, the login information for the Twitter account is not needed again unless the password for the account changes. Level 10 administrators may also set up default text for tweets at the account and/or site level.

Sending a Tweet

A tweet can be sent when publishing a page. If a Twitter account or Facebook Page is configured for the site, the Social Media tab will appear in the Publish modal. This tab contains the information necessary to send a tweet.

Social Media Tab in Publish Modal

  1. From the Pages list view, hover over the page row and choose Publish from the Publish drop-down menu. Alternatively, when viewing the page in Preview/Edit mode, click Publish in the Page Actions toolbar.
  2. In the Publish modal, select the Social Media tab. If at least one Twitter account and one Facebook Page are configured, both Twitter and Facebook options are shown.

    Tweet Section of Publish Modal
  3. Click in the Accounts field and select one or more Twitter accounts to which to post. A user may select multiple accounts to post to by selecting each account individually from the drop-down.
  4. From the Tweet field, add or edit the text.

    Tweet Content
    The field below may already be populated with text if an admin has configured default text at the site or account level. This may be integrated into the post or deleted and new content can be added to the field.
  5. Optionally, select the Add URL checkbox to add a shortened URL that links to the page. This will create a shortened link using Google's URL shortening service and add it link to the post.

    Adding a Shortened URL
  6. Click the Publish button.

Each tweet must be 280 characters or less, including spaces, links, and hashtags.

Best Practices

Repetition: Twitter does not allow users to repeat themselves within a certain time period. If a user publishes the exact same tweet within a 24-hour period, the Twitter feed will not update with the new tweet. To avoid this, just change the tweet slightly and it should appear as usual.

Short URLs: The short URLs generated by are unique to each specific file that is published. If a page is renamed or moved, the URL that was associated with that file will be invalid, and a new one will be generated when the page is published.