Social Media


OU Campus includes several ways to add social media to a site. It is possible to manage blog content, send to Facebook and Twitter with a page publish, use the OU Social app for Facebook, and view analytics data for social media posts, all through the OU Campus interface.

Most setup tasks are accomplished via the Setup menu and require Level 10 administrator permissions. The exception is the OU Social app for Facebook, which needs to be set up through Facebook's website.

Once the various social media elements are configured, users can add blog content, post to Facebook and Twitter, use the OU Social app, and add and edit RSS feed items. It is required that users also have the proper permissions for page or directory access for social media elements.

Additionally, with the use of the OU Campus Live Delivery Platform the ability to add comments to a page can be configured. 

Authorized users can automate the publishing of content to social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, with the creation or update of a web page. Updates can occur on an immediate of scheduled basis, and users can publish to multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook Page simultaneously. Additionally, with the OU Social feature, it is possible to manage the content on Facebook pages from within OU CampusAdministrators can view a report of all social media posts published from within OU Campus.

OU Social

OU Social is a Facebook app that provides a powerful yet simple solution to increase the presence of the institution on Facebook with the addition of a Facebook Page Tab to a Facebook Page. By linking a Facebook Page to OU Campus, users can select which OU Campus-managed web page will be synchronized with the a Facebook landing page or pages. This provides the ability to update social media and webpages simultaneously by editing one file.

More information can be found on the OU Social page.

Send to Facebook

The Send to Facebook feature allows authorized users to automatically send wall posts to Facebook Pages upon page publish. In addition to the desired message, each post can contain a link to the published page. Users can link to multiple Facebook Pages to a site and publish to only the desired pages.

For more information, visit the Send to Facebook page.

Send to Twitter

Send to Twitter allows users to send a tweet to a linked Twitter account. In addition to the desired content, this tweet can contain a link to the published page. A default tweet can be set at the account or site level, though users can edit it when they publish a page. Users can link multiple Twitter accounts to a site and choose to only publish to the desired accounts.

For more information, visit the Send to Twitter page.

Social Media Analytics

After posting to a linked Facebook or Twitter account, users can view the amount of likes, comments, shares, and other social data for those posts via the Social Media Analytics Gadget. The site must be linked to Google Analytics and the Page Analytics Gadget must be activated to use this feature.

For more information, visit Social Media Analytics.