The OU Campus Implementations team performs migrations during the implementation process, taking content from the institution's old site and inserting it into the appropriate places on the new site in OU Campus. The migration process is typically done with custom-built scripts that are fine-tuned to each customer's migration needs.

An alternative to a full migration can be the creation of a shell site. Shell sites are created using a custom script to generate a site devoid of content, but containing folders, navigation files, and files with the appropriate layouts and basic metadata. This can be used in situations where content in the old site is inconsistent, or the new site layout/design is drastically different than the old one, thus making a content migration impractical and inefficient.

To request a migration of a site into OU Campus, please contact proservices@omniupdate.com.

To learn more about migration and the implementation process, please visit these pages in this directory: