Binary Manager Migration Tool

Binary Management


The Binary Manager Migration Tool (BMMT) is a cross-platform Java applet that is designed to help OU Campus administrators migrate binary files from existing production servers into OU Campus v10 sites that manage binaries on the staging server.

The tool can be used to migrate the binaries of any production server to which the user has access, regardless of whether it is managed by OU Campus or not.

Main Tab of Binary Manager Migration Tool

The tool will allow users to export all binary files (images, media, PDFs, documents, etc.) from a production server to the user's local hard drive while preserving the file structure from the original server. From there, the folder can be zipped and imported onto the OU Campus v10 staging server using Zip Import or WebDAV.

The Binary Manager Migration Tool is in support of the Binary Management feature in OU Campus v10. Binary Management allows binary files to be managed with Dependency Manager in a fashion similar to that of pages. With Binary Management active, binary files can be uploaded to and managed on the staging server, published to and deleted from production, and have dependency tags associated with them on production. By default, Binary Management is enabled at the account level on all sites using OU Campus v10. Administrators can also activate or deactivate Binary Management on a site-by-site basis.

The Current Version of BMMT is v2.5.

Download Binary Manager Migration Tool ZIP

The above ZIP file contains the BMMT applet, a CSV file for exporting files from multiple sites in one process, and a detailed documentation manual.