User Information



The User Information Panel is where the personal information for the user is found. Keep in mind that users can modify their own password, first and last name, phone, and email.

User Information Panel

The User Information Panel contains the following fields:

  • Username: The username for the user, which will be used to log in to OU Campus. Must be 4-32 characters, containing only letters, numbers, or underscores. If using LDAP, CAS, or Shibboleth, the username must match the user's current username in that authentication system.
  • Password: The password for the user, which will be used to log in to OU Campus. It may be up to 32 characters long and is case-sensitive. If using LDAP or to keep the current password (if editing a user that already exists in the system), leave this field blank. This field will be hidden for CAS and Shibboleth users, unless WebDAV is enabled for the user.
  • First Name: First name for the user.
  • Last Name: Last name for the user.
  • Phone: Contact phone number for the user.
  • Email: External email address for the user. This allows for internal OU Campus messages to be sent to the user's external email address as well.
  • Assign to Groups: Groups the user is part of, with the ability to add or remove them from groups