The Preferences panel provides additional permissions and access for a user. The availability of these settings is dependent upon user level and/or how the account has been configured. The four features and affected functionality include Add to Dictionary, JustEdit, Page Check, and Failed Login Notification.

Preferences Panel

Field Description
Add to Dictionary Indicates whether or not this user can add words to the spell check dictionary. Select the checkbox to allow users to add words to the custom dictionaries via the WYSIWYG Editor. By default, user levels 0–8 do not have the checkbox selected.

Enables and disables JustEdit for this user. This option only appears if JustEdit has been set to Set by User or Set by Administrator at the account level. If JustEdit has been set to Disabled or On for Everyone at the account level, this option will not appear in the Preferences panel.

For more information about JustEdit, visit the JustEdit page.

Page Check Enable and disables Page Check for this user, dependent upon the account settings. If set to On for Everyone at the account level, this is dimmed and preselected. If set to Set by User at the account level, the user may configure this option from Settings. If Set by Administrator is set, then an Level 10 administrator may enable and disable Page Check on a user-by-user basis. If Page Check is not enabled at the account level this is not available.
Failed Login Notification Allows a Level 10 administrator to be notified when any other users are locked out of their account. This is only available for users assigned as Level 10. Select the checkbox for any Level 10 administrators that should be notified when any user has too many failed login attempts. The Failed Login Attempts field can be configured at the account level; entering a number sets the standard.