User Preferences


The User Preferences panel contains some additional settings for the user.

Preferences Panel

  • Time Zone: Select the city or region that is closest to the user's location. This will automatically set the time zone for that user, which overrides any time zone settings set at the account or site level. Setting the time zone populates the date and time stamps throughout the system.
  • Locale: Locale configures the formatting for the time and date stamps throughout the system. Choose a locale from the drop-down menu to override the locale settings set at the account or site level. 
  • Add to Dictionary: Indicates whether or not this user can add words to the spell check dictionary. Select the checkbox to allow users to add words to the custom dictionaries via the WYSIWYG Editor. By default, user levels 0–8 do not have the checkbox selected.

For level 10 administrators, an additional field will appear in the User Preferences panel.

User Preferences Panel - Level 10

  • Failed Login Notification: Indicates whether or not this administrator will receive email notification when OU Campus users exceed the maximum failed login attempts.