LDAP Configuration


The LDAP Configuration panel only applies if an LDAP system is in use for the institution. It specifies the user’s LDAP information in order for OU Campus to communicate with the LDAP server. This provides authentication and allows users to use the single sign-on service provided with the LDAP credentials used for the institution.

For more information about authentication, visit the Authentication Methods page. 


Field Description
Auth Type Specifies the authentication type for the LDAP system.
  • Simple specifies plain text authentication via port 389.
  • Simple (SSL) uses SSL to authenticate via port 636.
  • Simple (StartTLS) uses TLS (aka SSL 3.0) to authenticate via port 636.

Please be aware that when using SSL or StartTLS, the SSL certificate for the LDAP server needs to be submitted to the OmniUpdate Support team for installation prior to using LDAP authentication. Should the certificate or hostname be changed, notify our support team at least 24 hours in advance so the appropriate changes can be made.
Note: LDAP users will not be able to log into OU Campus if the certificate or hostname that is installed does not match the current configuration of the LDAP server.

Hostname The name of LDAP server.
DN The unique LDAP identifier for this user; the full and complete distinguished name (DN). For example: "cn=myusername,cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com". Please make sure the password is longer than four characters.