Template Groups


A template group is used to organize templates into a group that can be applied as an access setting to any directory within the site, at the site level, or by a TCF itself. By using template groups, a Level 10 administrator can define which templates will be made available in a certain directory to ensure that only the templates that are relevant and appropriate for that directory are selected upon new page or section creation. This helps to keep the website organized and consistent. Different templates can be defined on a per-user group basis, as well as on a directory basis. Template groups are created in Setup > Template Groups.

Prior to creating the groups, it is advised to map out the appropriate correlation between templates and directories in order to determine how many groups are needed. Note that any directory without a specified template group will take the default. The defaults are:

  • For a directory: (Inherit from Parent)
  • For a site: (Default - All Templates

This means if no access group has been set on any template and no template group has been at the site level or for any directory, users will see all of the available templates.

If no access group has been set on any template and a template group has been assigned at the site level, but not for any directories, all directories will inherit from parent, which for the first tier of directories is the site access setting for the template group.

Templates can be used without using template groups as well. For instance, if it is necessary to allow only administrators to create new sections, but all other templates should be readily available to all users in all directories, assigning an administrator group to the New Section template from the Templates screen can be sufficient. However, remember that using template groups is the only way to prevent the built-in New Folder tool from being made available, and it can also be used to create empty groups if new pages and sections should not be available for creation in a particular directory.

Setup Menu Templates

Templates Group List View

The Template Groups List View includes the following features and functionality:

  • Lists the number of template groups
  • Allows the template groups to be filtered by name
  • Provides the New button to create new template groups
  • Template groups can be selected individually checkbox for editing or deletion
  • Multi-select can be used to select all template groups for deletion
  • Template groups can be edited by clicking on the linked template group name, or on hover via Edit
  • Shows the thumbnails of the thumbnail images for each template in the template group; on hovering over each thumbnail the title defined for the template is shown
  • Shows the number of subscribers to a template group (i.e., the number of access settings using the template group); click the numeral to view the list of subscribers
  • On hovering over the group, the available Options are shown: Edit and Delete

Templates Groups

Names can contain:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Numerals 0 through 9 (inclusive)
  • Underscores  _
  • Hyphens -
  • Spaces 
  • Periods .

Names must:

  • Be a minimum of two characters in length

Names must not:

  • Be an empty string
  • Be greater than 32 characters in length

Creating a New Group

  1. Go to Setup > Templates.
  2. From the Template Management menu, choose Template Groups.
  3. Click New.Creating a New Template Group
  4. Name the new group. The name of the group should allow for easy identification. The name for the template group will be listed in a directory's access settings drop-down. 
  5. Select Show New Folder Button checkbox to enable the new folder option when New is selected. This option is included to allow users to create empty folders such as those for images, snippets, and documents. This option is not selected when it is preferred that a specific New Section template be used to create a new section, as this usually includes automatic file creation as well. When using a section template that requires the automated creation of includes and other files, it may be advised to clear the Show New FolderButton checkbox. This ensures that only the appropriate New Section template is used.
  6. Select each template to be included in the template group by clicking anywhere in the box for the template. As many templates can be included in the group as necessary. Likewise, a template can be removed from a group by clicking the box.
  7. Click Save.

Notes: It is possible to create a template group with no templates selected. This can be completed with Show New Folder Button checkbox selected or unselected. When an empty template group is assigned to a directory, users will see the New button; however, they will not have a template to select, making new page creation in that directory unavailable.

To allow an empty folder to be available for creation, select the Show New Folder Button checkbox. The users can then create an empty folder, which can be used for folders containing such files as images or documents.

Editing Template Groups

Template groups can be edited at any time by clicking on the hyperlinked name of the group or by hovering and clicking Edit. Remember to commit all changes using the Save button. Templates can be removed or added to a group by clicking on the boxed image of the template.

Hover over the template group row to view the name of a template as defined in the Title field for a template.

Template thumbnail on hover

Viewing Subscribers

A list of subscribers, if any, to a template group can be viewed by clicking the number shown in the template group row. Any directory that has been assigned that template group is considered a subscriber and included in the count. If the template group has been assigned at the site level, then all directories in the site are included.

Subscribers List for a Site

Deleting Template Groups

A group can be deleted from the Template Groups list view by hovering over the row for the group and selecting Delete. Remember, this will affect any toolbar to which this group was assigned.

Assigning a Template Group

After creating a template group, it can be applied to a site or directory through access settings. The change can be made recursively to update any directories within it if appropriate. Leaving the Template Group choice set to (Inherit from Parent) will use the Template Group setting from the parent directory. If left at the default for the site, (Default - All Templates), all templates are available; however, restrictions are still possible from the Templates screen by assigning a user group to a template. Level 9 and Level 10 administrators can assign access rights for a directory; Level 10 admins can assign access settings for a site.

  1. Navigate to the folder structure for the directory on which to assign a template group, or for the site level, Setup > Sites. Hover over the row and from the Edit menu, select Access. This shows the Access Settings screen.Access Setttings Menu Item
  2. Select either Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders or Apply Selected Settings to All Existing Files and Folders in the Site, depending on whether the change is at an account or site level.Template Group Site AssignmentThe checkbox for Template Group must be selected to apply the changes.Recursive Template Group
  3. From the Template Group drop-down, select the template group.
  4. Click Save.