Site Preferences


Site Preferences is where certain site-specific alternatives can be configured. Most of the features are exclusive to each site with the exception of time zone and locale, which can also be configured at the account level. The settings include:

  • Recycle Bin
  • Time Zone
  • Locale
  • Local Assets Group

Site Preferences Panel

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin field allows a directory to be input that will be used to hold files that have been recycled. Administrators can then restore or permanently delete files from the Recycle Bin. If no Recycle Bin is configured, pages and files are permanently deleted without any ability to recover them.

A Level 10 administrator can set up the Recycle Bin from Setup > Sites. A Recycle Bin is configured for each site by default during the implementation process. For more information about the use of the recycle, delete, and restore functions, see the Move to Recycle Bin page.

For a tutorial regarding setting up the Recycle Bin, refer to the Configuring the Recycle Bin section on the Recycle Bin page.

Directories themselves cannot be recycled, but the files within them can be recycled and the directory deleted afterwards. For more information, visit the Delete page.

Time Zone

Sets the default time zone for the site by selecting a city or region that most closely matches the site's location. This will automatically set the time zone for that location, as well as keep the time accurate during Daylight Savings Time. The default setting is America/Los Angeles for SaaS clients. This can be changed to the time zone where the updates are actually occurring providing a more accurate time in the reporting. This is especially useful for SaaS customers. If this is left blank, it will inherit the value for the setting from the account. When evaluating time zone and the setting is configured at all levels, the precedence is in this order: user, site, account.


Configures a locale for the site. The default is English (United States). This setting also identifies which dictionary should be used by default. If this is left blank, it will inherit the settings from the account settings. When evaluating locale and the setting is configured at all levels, the precedence is in this order: user, site, account.

For more information, visit the Locale page.

Local Assets Group

The Assets list view can be used to restrict the use of assets to the current site only for the specified group. For the Restrict users to locally-created assets only drop-down, the group that is selected will only be able to access assets that were created in the same site.