Optional Features


The Optional Features panel at the site level includes six optional site-specific features. Dependency Manager and Binary Management must first be enabled at the account level to be available for a specific site.

Optional Features Panel

Find and Replace

Select the checkbox to enable the global Find and Replace for Level 10 administrators. When enabled, this is shown in Content > Find and Replace. When enabled, Find and Replace provides the functionality to search content and code within the site and replace it with new values.

For more information, visit the Find and Replace page.

Dependency Manager

Select the checkbox to enable Dependency Manager, which governs the automated use of links and linking when files are moved or renamed. Dependency Manager must be enabled in the account settings before it can be enabled for a particular site.

For more information, visit the Dependency Manager page for the account level.

Binary Management

Select the checkbox to enable Binary Management, which allows for binary files such as images to be managed on the staging server in a fashion similar to managing file linking with Dependency Manager.

After Binary Management is enabled for the account, it can then be enabled on a per site basis. In other words, it is possible to have Binary Management on for some sites and not for others. Keep in mind that while Binary Management may be used without Dependency Manager, it is recommended that Dependency Manager be enabled so that Dependency tags can be utilized to track file linking. This requires that each site be rescanned in order for all current paths to be updated. Any binaries currently on the production server that should be managed by Binary Manager should be moved to the staging server prior to running the scans.

For more information, visit the Binary Management page for the account level.


Select the checkbox to allow WebDAV to be enabled for specific Level 9 and Level 10 administrators.

For more information, visit the WebDAV page.


OU Insights is an optional module that can be purchased by an institution. When purchased, the feature becomes available for use by clicking the checkbox next to Insights, and administrators may begin to modify the module's settings by clicking the Configure button.