Auxiliary Sites


In Site Settings, administrators have the ability to create, edit, and delete publish targets and auxiliary sites in the Auxiliary Sites panel.

Auxiliary Sites Panel in Site Settings

Auxiliary Sites at the Site Level

Auxiliary sites can be added to OU Campus at the site level and at the account level. When adding an auxiliary site at the account level, the site is available on all sites within the account. If an auxiliary site is added at the site level, it is only available within the site in which it was created. They function as repositories for images and other media files, and cannot be published to. 

When auxiliary sites are configured at both the account and at the site level, then each individual site is able to access the auxiliary sites at both the account level and those added to the current site. The available auxiliary sites will be visible in the auxiliary sites drop-down menu in a filechooser.

Auxiliary Sites Drop-Down Menu in a Filechooser

Keep in mind that the auxiliary site, utilized as an additional media or document repository option, requires that the files be displayed in a folder structure, which is generally obtained via FTP access. This is not meant to be a method by which images on a public website, such as Flickr, are retrieved for use on the site.

Setting up an auxiliary site at the site level follows the same steps as setting one up at the account level. For more information about setting up auxiliary sites, please visit the Auxiliary Sites page under Account Settings.

Publish Targets

Administrators can add additional publish targets to a site, which allows users to choose the server they would like to send a page or file when it is published.

For more information about setting up additional publish targets for Multi-Target Publish, visit the Publish Targets page.