Publish Sitemap.xml


A sitemap can be generated for use with Google's indexing and other web services that use an XML source file for a sitemap. Publishing a sitemap generates an XML file, which can then be reused to create a site index, submitted to Google, or used in another fashion as determined by the site's designers and administrators.

The files included in the sitemap are files that have been published to the production server from the staging server. Files uploaded directly to the production server are not included in the sitemap.

Regenerating a sitemap overwrites the existing sitemap. The administrator should ensure that any pages that should not be included in indexing, such as references to template and navigation files, be excluded from the sitemap generation prior to using the Publish Sitemap.xml command. This can be done through Access Settings.

Generating a Site Map

A Level 10 administrator can generate a sitemap.xml.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Sites.
  2. Hover over the site row and select Publish Sitemap.xml from the Publish menu.
    Publish Sitemap.xml
  3. Click OK. An XML file named sitemap.xml is created at the site root (/sitemap.xml on the production server).
  4. When the action has completed, the notification includes a link, which can be used to view the generated sitemap XML file.

The provided URL can then be submitted to Google, or otherwise used.

Excluding Files and Directories

It is possible for a Level 10 administrator to choose specific files or entire directories that should be excluded from the sitemap creation. The Exclude From Sitemap options are available in the corresponding Access Settings dialog boxes.

Exclude Sitemap

If all files and subdirectories within a directory or site should be excluded, use the recursive option Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders. Make sure to select the checkbox for this option to be applied recursively as well as the radio button for Yes to indicate to exclude files and directories.

This example uses the recursive option for a directory.

  1. From a Pages list view, hover over Edit for a directory and select Access.Edit > Access
  2. Under Recursive Modifications, select Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders.Recursive
  3. Select the checkbox for Exclude From Sitemap.Exclude Sitemap
  4. Select the Yes option.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Exclusions should be made before generating a sitemap. If more exclusions are added afterwards, the sitemap should be re-generated to populate the most up-to-date information.