From the Setup menu, Level 10 administrators can view and edit the configured sites in the account. The Setup menu can be viewed as the main configuration area for many of the features within the OU Campus CMS. By navigating to Setup > Sites, an administrator can create a new site or modify an existing site, as well as view and utilize site actions on the Sites screen.

Sites in Setup Menu

Sites List View

The Sites list view shows all of the sites for an account. From this view, an administrator can:

  • View the number of sites in an account
  • Filter the list of sites by site name or URL
  • Create a new site
  • Edit site settings for an existing site
  • Sort the existing sites by site name, URL, or date/time that content within the site was saved
  • Hover to access the Options menus

Sites List View

Creating a New Site

A new site record can be created by clicking the New button. This creates the site record and allows the administrator to configure the appropriate settings. Two settings for LDP and Auxiliary Sites become available and may be edited after the site record is saved.

Once created within the system, files can be upload via the interface singularly or with a zip file that keeps the file structure intact, if so desired. Another method to create a new site is to use site clone, which allows for the site record to be copied with or without also copying the files from the cloned site.

For more information, visit the Site Settings page.

Options Menu and Site Actions

Hovering over the site row will reveal menu options under the Options column heading. The options include:

Edit Menu

  • Site: Edit site settings.
  • Site Access: Edit access settings at the site level (similar to the Access Settings modal for pages or directories)
  • Asset Access: Configure access settings for assets on the site.

Publish Menu

  • Publish Site: Publishes the entire site and all files currently inside it. By default, only checked-in files are included in site publish, though this option may be changed.
  • Publish Sitemap.xml: Publishes a sitemap XML document.

Scan Menu

  • Dependency Scan: Scans entire site for links and dependencies, and syncs the staging server with the database. If Dependency Manager is turned on, it will replace links to dependencies with dependency tags. For more information, please visit the Dependency Manager page.
  • Revert Site: Reverts all dependency tags on the site to their root-relative links.


  • Clone: Clones the site.
  • Save Version: Saves a version of every page and file on the site.
  • Initialize: Adds a DirectEdit button on every page in the site.
  • Purge Staging Binaries: Only available if Binary Management has been activated in the past and is currently disabled. Removes all binary files from the staging server. Does not delete files from the production server.
  • Export as Zip File: Exports the entire site as a ZIP file.
  • Delete: Deletes the site.

For more information about the site actions available under the Options table heading, visit the Site Actions page.