Adding a New Gadget



In OU Campus, an administrator has the ability to add a new gadget from the Gadgets screen. This screen can be accessed from the global navigation bar by selecting Setup > Gadgets. Level 10 administrators can add new gadgets. Before adding a gadget to the system, it will need to be written or created. When adding a new gadget, an administrator will have to enter a URL path where an OU Campus-specific gadget file structure has been uploaded to in order to be able to fetch the data. The path must be a complete URL, one that will be accessible to the gadget users, and end in a slash. Once created, the gadget will be available.

Adding a Gadget

  1. Navigate to the Gadgets screen by selecting Setup > Gadgets.
  2. Click New.
  3. The Add Gadget modal is displayed.
  4. In the Text Field enter a valid URL path, i.e., the full path as it appears in the browser. This should start with http:// and end with a slash /. This should be the location containing the HTML index or a generated HTML file that includes the gadget scripting. The directory should also contain the config.xml for the gadget.

    Add Gadget Modal
  5. Click Fetch. The Configure Gadget modal is displayed.Configure Gadget
  6. The Name field is populated based on the value of the <entry> attribute node with the title key and the text string can be edited here.
  7. Configure the access settings and gadget-specific properties, if necessary. See Edit Gadget and Creating Gadgets for more details.Gadget-specific Properties
  8. Click Save.

The gadget should be immediately available on the Dashboard or the Gadgets sidebar, except in the case that it is a gadget that is only shown in a specific area of the interface, such as the WYSIWYG Editor.