Font Size Sets


The Font Size Sets option allows administrators to create custom sets of font sizes that will appear in the Font Size drop-down in the WYSIWYG Editor toolbar. Each set of sizes may be composed of up to seven sizes for a unit of measurement: e.g., px; pt; em; and x-small, x-large, et cetera. These sets may then be applied to different custom toolbars to allow them to appear in the drop-down list in the editor.

Font Size Sets in the Setup Menu

From the Font Size Sets list view, administrators can:

  • Filter the list of font size sets
  • Create new sets using the New button
  • Sort list view columns by Name and Sizes
  • Click an existing set to edit it
  • Select font size sets using checkboxes
  • Hover over each row to display Edit and Delete options.

Font Size Sets List View

Adding a New Font Size Set

  1. While logged in as a Level 10 administrator, choose Font Size Sets from the Setup menu.
  2. Click New.
  3. Add a Name for the set. When assigning a font size set to a toolbar, the choice is available by name.
  4. In the Sizes field specify the first font size and unit of measurement; e.g., 6px. It is recommended to define the smallest size first as that will appear at the top of the list. Click Add Size to add another field for another font size. Enter one font size per field. Font sizes can be three digits long with up to four decimal places available.

    New Font Size Set Modal
  5. Repeat step 4 as necessary to add each additional size.
  6. When finished, click Save.

To remove a font size, click the delete icon by the field.

After the initial creation, a font size set may be edited, deleted, or assigned to a toolbar.

Assigning a Font Size Set to a Toolbar

  1. Select Toolbars from the Setup menu. 
  2. Select a toolbar to edit or create a new one if necessary. 
  3. In the Options area, from the Font Size Set drop-down menu, choose the new font size set.

    Changing Font Size Set in Setup > Toolbars

  4. When finished, click Save or Create.

The font size is assigned as inline CSS with a span; for example,

<span style="font-size: 2px;">
This is text assigned a smaller font.