Custom Dictionaries


OU Campus includes the ability to manage custom dictionaries at the site and account level. All users have the ability to add words to the custom dictionary upon publishing a page via Page Check or Final Check, though for Levels 0 through 8 this is disabled by default, and can be enabled by administrators in their user preferences. Level 10 administrators can view, edit, and delete words in custom dictionaries at both the account and site level.

Custom Dictionaries are available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Each language has its own dictionary for the site and account level, all of which can be configured independently of one another.

Available Custom Dictionary Languages

Once a language has been selected, users are able to choose between the Account Dictionary or Site Dictionary. The Account Dictionary is global to all sites within an account, and Site Dictionaries are unique to each site in the account.

The Custom Dictionary (at both the Account and Site level) allows users to:

  • Choose between five dictionary languages
  • View, add, edit, and delete words in the Account and Site Dictionary
  • Add multiple words to the dictionary at once
  • Add words to the Site Dictionary using Page Check or Final Check

Viewing and Editing the Custom Dictionary

Custom Dictionaries Link in Setup Menu

Level 10 administrators can view Custom Dictionaries via Setup > Custom Dictionary. Then, to add words to a dictionary:

  1. Choose Account Dictionary or Site Dictionary from the left-hand local navigation. Remember that changes to the Account Dictionary will be reflected across all sites in the account, while changes to the Site Dictionary will only apply to the current site.
  2. Select the dictionary language.
  3. In the Dictionary list view, review the words that have already been added to the selected dictionary.

    Custom Site Dictionary List View

  4. To add words to the dictionary, click the green Add button. A modal will appear, allowing users to add multiple words to the dictionary at once.

    Add to Dictionary Modal
  5. Click Save. The words have been added to the dictionary.

Deleting Words from the Dictionary

Words can be deleted from a dictionary one by one or using the checkboxes in the dictionary's list view.

  • To delete one word from a dictionary, hover over the word's row in the list view and click Delete.

    Deleting a word in the dictionary list view
  • To delete multiple words at once, select the checkboxes next to each word and click Delete in the header of the list view.

Editing Dictionary Entries

In the event that a dictionary word needs to be modified, users can hover over the word and click Edit to modify the word. Pressing Enter or clicking outside of the text box will save the entry, and hitting Escape will cancel the modification.

Editing a Word in the Dictionary

Adding Words to the Dictionary with Page Check or Final Check

All users who can edit pages have the ability to add words to the Site Dictionary, though for Levels 0 through 8 this is disabled by default, and can be enabled by administrators in their user preferences.When editing a page or publishing a page, users can use the Page Check or Final Check tools respectively to run a spell check on the page. If any words are misspelled, users are given the opportunity to add them to the dictionary. Hovering over the word and clicking Add to Dictionary in the Spell Check Results modal will add the selected word to the current site's Site Dictionary.

Add to Dictionary in the Spell Check tool