Spell Check


The Spell Check can be enabled to run automatically with Page Check/Final Check each of which are enabled at the account/site level. To be available for Final Check, it must be enabled with Page Check. Spell Check by default is a tool available on the toolbar when editing with the WYSIWYG editor. Spell Check can be configured for the use of custom dictionaries to which users can add words and which support five different languages. 

Variations of Enabling Spell Check

Spell Check can be separately enabled or disabled for Page Check, Final Check, and for the WYSIWYG Editor. Regardless, each has the option in the form of a drop-down for the user to choose to use one of the custom language dictionary. There are several combinations of configurations that can be utilized:

  • If Page Check is enabled at the account level, Spell Check can be enabled as a Page Check Option.
  • If Page Check and Spell Check are enabled at the account level, Final Check can be enabled for a site. Spell Check can be set in the site settings to be forced or optional at the time of publish.
  • Spell Check within the WYSIWYG Editor can be enabled or disabled by editing or creating a custom toolbar, which can be applied to a content region or a user. The Spell Check is included with the default toolbar. Checking the spelling on a page can be toggled on and off within the WYSIWYG Editor by clicking the Spell Check icon.

In all of these scenarios, when there is a drop-down menu available to choose a custom dictionary, the default for the drop-down (and the language for the dictionary) is set with the locale setting in account settings.

Enabling Spell Check with Page Check

Spell Check identifies any spelling errors on the page. The errors may be within editable regions to which the user does not have access, and may identify words that are not misspelled but need to be added to the custom dictionary. When using spell check, the choice of custom dictionary is available.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose Account.

    Account Settings in the Setup Menu
  2. Under Publish Settings, choose one of the options to enable Page Check from the Page Check drop-down.Page Check Drop-down
  3. Check the box next to Spell Check.Page Check
  4. Click Save.

The Spell Check is now available from a Page Check.

Enabling Spell Check with Final Check

  1. Enable Spell Check at the account level as described above.
  2. From the Setup menu, choose Sites.

    Sites in the Setup Menu
  3. Hover over the desired site and select Edit from the site row.

    Edit a Site 
  4. Under Publish Settings,select Final Check
  5. Under Final Check Options, choose Spell Check to have the check run automatically before the final publish of a page. If left deselected, the option will be available at the time of publish for a user to manually run.Final Check Options in Site Settings
  6. Click Save.

Customizing the Spell Check Dictionaries

The spell checker supports five languages, each with its own custom dictionary. The current languages supported are English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. These dictionaries can be accessed and edited via Setup > Custom Dictionary.

New and custom words can be added to the spell check dictionary at both the account level and site level. Custom words that have been added to a site’s dictionary will be omitted by the spell checker tool in the WYSIWYG Editor for any page within that site. Words added to the account-level dictionary will be omitted by the spell checker tool across the entire account.

Keep in mind that it is possible that the spell checker in an individual′s browser may still mark the word as misspelled. If a word has been added to the dictionary, and it is still being marked as misspelled, check the browser’s spell check settings.

Users can override the default language and set the dictionary they want to use for an individual page from the spell checker tool in the WYSIWYG toolbar, or by choosing the Locale option in their user settings. For more information, visit the Locale page.

Granting Privileges to a User

Adding custom words to the spell check dictionary is available dependent upon authority level. It is included automatically for Level 9 and 10 and it can be made available to Levels 1–8 by an administrator in user configuration.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users.

    Users in the Setup Menu
  2. Hover over a user and select Edit from the user row.

    Selecting a User

  3. Under Preferences, select the checkbox next to Add to Dictionary to allow a user to add words to the custom dictionary.

    User Preferences

  4. Click Save

Editing the Dictionary

Administrators are able to edit the words that have been added to the dictionary by navigating to Setup > Custom Dictionary, choosing the appropriate language, and adding or removing entries. For more information, visit the Custom Dictionaries page.