Publish Threshold


The Publish Threshold setting defines the maximum number of pages to be auto-published when an asset is republished or a page is moved or renamed when Dependency Manager is being utilized. If the threshold is set to 0, there is no limit on the number of pages that can be auto-published. If a different limit is set, and publishing the asset or renaming or moving a directory or page will require more pages to be published than allowed, an administrator will have to publish the asset or make the change to the directory or page.

When an asset is updated, it must be republished in order to update the subscribing pages and publish them to the production server. When the asset is published, all pages on which the asset resides are automatically republished with the updated asset. Only the content that is currently live will be republished, but the asset content will be updated. This means that if the page is in workflow or currently being edited, no changes that may be being made or have been made to the page will be lost or published by the auto-publish; only what was already approved and published.

Similarly, with Dependency Manager, when a page is renamed or moved, any pages linking to it must be republished on the production server so that the link paths are updated. This publish, like with assets, only publishes out the updated link, and all other content remains.

This means that if the number of pages on which the asset resides or a link exists to the page being updated exceeds the defined number in the Publish Threshold, the user is notified that an administrator needs to complete the action. The change will not be made or completed until the administrator either publishes the asset, or renames or moves the page.

If the change pertains to an asset, the user is presented with a message, and then directed to create a new message to the administrator.

The setting places a limit on the number of pages that a Level 8 or below user can republish at once. When they attempt to publish an asset, it is first determined how many pages will be affected. If this number is greater than the threshold, the asset will not publish, and the user will be notified and allowed to send the asset to an administrator for approval.

The maximum value for the Publish Threshold field is 99,999.

Configuring Threshold for Assets

Level 10 administrator privileges are necessary for configuring this setting.

  1. Navigate to the Setup Account
  2. Under Publish Settings > Publish Threshold enter the page threshold. If the number entered is 0 or the field is left blank, then no threshold is set and any number of pages are allowed to be republished.
  3. After the desired threshold number was entered, click Save at the bottom of the page to save the changes. The threshold has now been set for the account.