Optional Features


At the account level, additional features can be independently enabled and disabled. These are located within the Optional Features panel (Setup > Account > Optional Features). An optional feature can be enabled by selecting the adjacent checkbox or disabled by clearing the checkbox, and then clicking the Save button.

Optional Features Panel at Account Level

Asset Manager

Select the checkbox to allow access to the Assets screen, which gives users access to edit and create new assets as well as manage existing assets on the account. Clearing the checkbox disables all access to assets.

For a list of topics about LDP and assets configuration, visit the Assets & LDP Configuration page.

Binary Management

Select the checkbox to enable Binary Management for the account. Binary Management can then be enabled or disabled for each site under Setup > Sites > Site Settings. Before enabling Binary Management, it is recommended to review the documentation regarding the feature, starting with the Binary Management page.

Dependency Manager

Select the checkbox to enable Dependency Manager for the account, which manages internal links for sites. Before enabling Dependency Manager, it is recommended to review the documentation regarding the feature, located at the Dependency Manager page.


Select the checkbox to enable Live Delivery Platform (LDP) for an account. Further settings are available at the site level.

For more information, visit the Live Delivery Platform page.

Multi-Browser Preview

Use the Configure button to select the combination of platform, operating system, browser version, and browser that will be available for selection for Multi-Browser Preview for a page.

For more information, visit the Multi-Browser Preview Configuration page. 

Reveal Site Password

Select the checkbox to allow the Production Server FTP password that was configured in the site settings to be revealed by clicking the Show Password button. Keep in mind that any Level 10 administrator will be able to reveal the password and view it from the system.