Configure Multi-Browser Preview


The Multi-Browser Preview feature is a tool that provides cross-browser, cross-platform rendering of web pages prior to publishing to the production server or publish target.

For a complete overview of how to use Multi-Browser Preview, visit the Using Multi-Browser Preview page.

From the Configure Multi-Browser Preview modal, administrators can determine the browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices that users can choose from when using the tool. These include the choice of desktop/laptop browser and desktop operating systems. There are also options for mobile preview. 

Enabling Multi-Browser Preview

Multi-Browser Preview can be enabled at the account level and is then available for all sites within an account.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account.
  2. Scroll down to Optional Features.

    Optional Features Panel in Setup > Account
  3. Select Multi-Browser Preview and click Configure. This will bring up the Configure Multi-Browser Preview modal.

Any number of combinations can be enabled by an administrator, and up to 25 selections can be made by the user for the various platform/operating system/browser preview combinations. Once selected on the Configure Multi-Browser Preview modal, the user can select the corresponding preview combination in Multi-Browser Preview.

Administrators can use the Select All and Automatically select new browser versions checkboxes to automate the process and give users access to all operating systems, browsers, and mobile display types.

Note if there are no selections made for an operating system, then that operating system is not shown within the Multi-Browser Preview selection view. If there are no selections made for a mobile device within the setup screen, the mobile device is not shown to users.

Configure Multi-Browser Preview

Multi-Browser Preview utilizes BrowserStack technology. For the most up-to-date look at what operating system and browsers Multi-Browser Preview supports, visit the BrowserStack website.