General Settings


The fields and options available in the General Settings panel for editing an existing account are as follows:

Account Name: Name assigned to account. This cannot be edited.

General Settings includes several fields related to basic information about the account and the account's main contact:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Institution
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Country
  • Phone

Email Address: Primarily for informational purposes (like the phone number and address). Messages sent by the system come from

Time Zone: Set the default time zone for the account by selecting the city or region from the drop-down menu that most closely matches the account's primary location. This will create the date and time stamps within the system, as well as keep the time accurate during Daylight Savings Time. Leave blank for server default. The default setting is America/Los Angeles for SaaS clients and the time zone where the staging server is housed for self-hosted licensing. When setting the time zone, please be aware of precedence as time zone can also be configured at the site level and user level. The setting configured for the user takes precedence, then site, and then account. 

Locale: Sets the general locale and drives the default dictionary. Leave blank for server default. The default is English (United States), which will configure an English language dictionary. Precedence is user, site, account. The Locale setting does two things within OU Campus:

  • Determines the format of the date and time stamps throughout the system.
  • Changes the drop-down default for the custom dictionary selection available in the WYSIWYG Editor (and Page Check and Final Check).

For more information, visit the Locale page.

Help URL: Overrides the URL that users are taken to when they click Help > Support. Leave blank for the default link to the OU Campus support site or enter a URL for a separate help site that may have been created for the users.

JustEdit: Sets whether JustEdit is activated or deactivated for the account. Administrators may also choose Set by Administrator to give level 9 and 10 administrators the ability to activate JustEdit on a per-user basis, or Set by User to give each user in the account the ability to activate JustEdit for themselves.

For more information about JustEdit, visit the JustEdit page.

General Settings Panel

Login Settings

Failed Login Attempts: Sets the default number of consecutive failed attempts at logging in before a user is locked out. The number of login attempts can be set between 1 – 9.

Login Settings Panel