Using Reports for Setting Up Workflow

The use of reporting can also be helpful when setting up workflow. Custom Reports can be used prior to setting up the access settings in order to identify the directories and pages within the site. They can also be used after configuration of the access settings is complete to verify that everything is configured as expected.

Prior to Settings Assignment

It can be helpful to run two reports prior to setting up the groups and assigning access: Directories and Pages. These reports can then be exported and conflated into one file, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Additional information can be added, such as that for access settings, an approver, and a group whose members can bypass the approval process. If other information is desired, that can be added too, but this section will focus on determining the appropriate groups needed for proper navigation.

The data can be populated once the file is configured to include the columns needed to create the access and other settings. It is helpful to add user names alphabetically under each. This allows for easier sorting so that the groups needed can be identified and created in OU Campus.

After defining which users should have access to the pages and directories, sort by the Access column in order to see how many groupings of users there are. This helps determine how many groups are needed and which users need to be in those groups. Following the same steps for publishers helps identify any additional groups that may be needed.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this is to create a site structure that allows users to navigate from the top of the site to the destination folder, but as discussed earlier, it is also possible to create fewer groups and force users through DirectEdit.

When users are assigned to a directory, they have the ability to create new pages and upload files to that directory, user level permitting. So forcing users through the DirectEdit link may be desired in order to prevent undesired pages from being created or files from being uploaded.

Sample Report

After Setting Access

Run the reports again after the groups needed have been created and assigned. Be sure to select the checkboxes for Access, Publishers, and Approvers to make certain the output includes the appropriate data. This allows comparison and confirmation of proper group and individual assignment to the directories and pages so that the appropriate users can navigate to the pages they need to access and edit. This is also helpful in identifying areas to which users should not be allowed access.

In addition, either a Groups report or a Users report can be run in order to ensure that users are assigned to the proper groups, after confirming that directory and page assignment is as desired.