Recursive Modification


Access settings can be changed non-recursively or recursively at the site and directory levels.

When modifications are made non-recursively, the change is applied to new items created going forward. When changes are made recursively the settings are changed for all existing items (files within the directory, the directory, the subdirectories, and any relevant items contained within) and anything created going forward.

Otherwise, newly created directories and pages inherit settings from the parent by default if no specific assignments have been made.

To make non-recursive changes, choose the option "Apply All Settings to The Root Folder Only." The second option is "Apply Selected Settings to All Existing Files and Folders In The Site." Recursive modifications can be applied selectively, and once this option is chosen, the additional checkboxes are shown in order to apply selective recursive modifications.

Recursive modifications are made to all items regardless of status, such as being checked-out by another user or being in workflow. Once the permissions have been set, the items retain their status, such as being checked-out or in workflow.

Since recursive modifications change the setting for anything existing, it is advised that this option should not be used without careful consideration after the initial site, directory, and page configuration is completed. This action cannot be undone. Newly created directories, pages, and content will also inherit these settings.

Changes to directory variables cannot be made recursively, as all items are set to inherit, and when recursion is selected, will not be available.

When it is necessary to change some access settings recursively and some access settings non-recursively, two separate saves are required. In other words, first make the non-recursive changes and press save, and then with another edit select the checkboxes for the recursive modifications, as once the global checkbox is used for initiating recursive selections, then any edits within the modal before pressing save are not committed.

Example of Recursive Modification Selection

Recursive Modifcations

Setting Access Settings Recursively

  1. Select Access from the Pages list view > Edit menu, or from the Properties menu on the actions toolbar.Recursive Modifcations
  2. From the Access Settings modal, select: Apply Selected Settings to All Existing Files and Folders In The Site.Recursive Modifcations
  3. Select the checkbox for the setting to change.Recursive Modifcations
  4. Select the new group from the drop-down or click the new option for the access setting.Access Settings Recursive
  5. Click Save when finished making changes to commit all changes.

This assigns the selected access setting to every file and directory within the current directory (or within a site), no matter how many nested directories there are within. Be sure to consider any access settings that may have already been made before making recursive modifications, since this recursive action overwrites all previously assigned access settings to them.

Warning: There is no undo for settings changed recursively.