Setting Extensions Allowed/Disallowed


The access setting for Extensions can be used to allow or disallow a specific set of extensions for a site or directory. Level 10 administrator authority is required in order to configure the Extensions setting at the site or directory level.

This example specifies disallowing file extensions throughout the site level with the changes applied recursively.

  1. In Setup > Sites, hover over Edit and select Site Access.

    Site Access Settings in Setup > Sites
  2. Under Recursive Modification, select the option for Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders. This will change the settings for all directories, subdirectories, and files that exist in the site, so use caution.

    Recursive Modification
  3. Select the checkbox next to to Extensions. The ensures that recursive changes are only applied to the selected items, in this case, file extensions.

    Extensions Allowed/Disallowed Field
  4. Select the option for Disallow Only These Extensions.
  5. Enter the allowed extensions into the field without a period, and separate them with a comma. For example: doc,docx,rtf,csv,xls,xlsx,pps,ppt,pptx,pdf,mp3,mpa,wav,wma,asf,
  6. Save the changes.

This prevents users from erroneously uploading binary files into directories that contain PCF files. Binary files, under normal circumstances, should be uploaded into their own folders. In order to re-enable the uploading of binary files into certain directories, the next step is to allow certain file extensions at the directory level.

Allowing Files at the Directory Level

After changing the settings at the site level, navigate to each directory that should allow specific extensions, and recursively update the settings for that directory.

Note: Not all disallowed extensions need to be allowed. Include only the desired extensions for that directory. For example, an images folder can be set to override the site setting by allowing commonly used image extensions:


Any files that are now uploaded, including those uploaded via Zip Import, will honor these settings by either allowing or disallowing the file extensions to be uploaded.

Note: The Extensions field will also apply to files that are created from a New Page Wizard, such as a PCF or an INC/SSI include file. Make sure these extensions are added to the list of allowed extensions if webpages or new sections are to be created inside that directory.