Site Access Settings


The access settings for a site in OU Campus provide control for much of the functionality found throughout the system, but can still be overridden by access settings that are closer to the content. Examples of the settings include defining which users can access the content, publish the content, and even override the approval process. Understanding the access settings and how settings closer to the content take precedence and inheritance can be very helpful in configuring a site in order to provide the appropriate access to content to specific groups of users.

Settings applied here can be applied recursively to existing items throughout the site and those created in the future, or non-recursively, which will apply the changes to the root folder only for items going forward. The access settings for a site are located through Setup > Sites > Edit > Site Access, and are available to Level 10 administrators only.

Assigning Access at the Site Level

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view for the directory.
  2. Hover over the site row, and from the Edit menu, choose Access.Site Access List View
  3. For Recursive Modification, leave at the default, which is Apply All Settings to This Folder Only
  4. Change the setting as needed. The following access settings are available:
    • Access Group
    • Approver
    • Enforce Approver
    • Bypass Approval
    • Template Group
    • Extensions
    • Toolbar
    • RSS Feed
    • URL Type
    • Exclude Search
    • Exclude from Sitemap
  5. Click Save.

Site Access Settings Modal

Additionally, see the following topics for more complicated scenarios and additional functionality, and information regarding access settings: