Editable Regions


After page creation, the PCF can be edited with the Source Editor to modify access settings for an editable region of a page. The OmniUpdate div tag includes the access group assignment. Changing the value of the attribute changes access to the editable region. For example, this editable region is accessible by everyone:

<ouc:div label="maincontent" group="Everyone" button-text="Main Content>
<ouc:editor csspath="/_resources/ou/editor/maincontent.css" cssmenu="/_resources/ou/editor/styles.txt" width="1050" />
<h2>Page Heading</h2>
<p>Hello World!</p>

If the value found in group=”Everyone” was changed, the access to the editable region would change as well. So if, for example, one wanted to restrict access to that region to the "Admissions" group, then it would be changed to group="Admissions". Each editable region will have its own group  attribute in the source that may be edited independently of the others. 

To make permanent changes to the template, the value can be modified in the TMPL, and all new pages created with the modified TMPL have the new access setting instead of changing it page-by-page via the PCF.

For example, the code in the TMPL is similar to that of the PCF illustrated above:

<ouc:div label="maincontent" group="Everyone" button-text="Main Content">
<ouc:editor csspath="/_resources/ou/editor/maincontent.css" cssmenu="/_resources/ou/editor/styles.txt" width="1050" />
<h2><!--%echo var="heading" --></h2>

To change the group access, edit the value in exactly the same manner as illustrated previously.