Tag Access Settings


Tag Access for directories controls what tags can be applied to any pages or files within the directory. Directories will automatically inherit the tags of their parent folders, though these may be modified. Tags may be fixed (so they are automatically applied), and filtered to either block certain tags or only allow certain tags. It is available to user levels 8 through 10 only.

 Navigating to Tags Access

  1. Navigate to the Pages List View for the directory.
  2. Hover over the directory row, and from the Edit menu, choose Tag Access

Tags Access through List View

 Managing Tags 

Tag Access Settings employs the recursive/non-recursive modification principle. 

  • For non-recursive changes, select Apply All Settings to This Folder Only. This will not affect any existing items in the folder, but will be applied to any items created going forwards.
  • For recursive changes, select Apply Selected Settings to This Folder and All Enclosed Files and Folders. Recursive changes will affect all items existing in the folder, as well as any created going forwards. Selecting this option will bring up a dropdown menu where you can choose in what manner the changes will be applied.
    • Add to existing tags - any tags defined will be added to existing tags on the items
    • Overwrite existing tags - any existing tags will be replaced by tags defined in the modal

Tag Access Settings Modal

As long as a file is within the directory, all tag access settings for the directory will be applied to it. However, if the file is moved to another directory, it will then be affected by the access settings for its new location. On the other hand, any tags directly configured for the file will remain.

Fixed Tags

Fixed tags are automatically applied to all files within the directory, and cannot be modified from the individual pages. Collections cannot be applied as fixed tags.

Filtered Tags

Filtered tags provides two options. When "Allow only these tags" is selected, users will only be able to choose from tags defined in Filtered Tags when applying tags to a file. When "Disallow these tags" is selected, the tags defined in Filtered Tags will be unavailable for use on files within the directory. Collections will appear with a small number beside them to indicate how many tags are in that collection. Applying a collection means that every tag within that collection is either allowed or disallowed, depending on how it is configured.