Binary Access Settings


Just as with webpages, sites, directories, and assets in OU Campus, binary files can have access settings applied to them as well, which will control who can access and edit the selected file.

When uploading binary files onto the staging server, the file will automatically inherit the access settings set for the directory into which the file has been uploaded, unless that access group has been changed during the upload process. An administrator can also adjust access settings for a binary file after the upload process has finished.

To edit the access settings of a binary file after upload:

  1. Navigate to the directory containing the file.
  2. Hover over the file row and click Access from the Edit menu.

    Edit > Access for a Binary File
  3. The Binary Access Settings modal is shown.

    Access Settings Modal for Binary File 
  4. The following options are available to edit:
    • Access Group: Limits the file accessibility to only members of the group. The default setting is Everyone. The system group (Administrators Only) only allows Level 9 and Level 10 administrators access.
    • Approver: Setting an approver for a file is optional. If the Approver setting is set to the system setting, (Inherit from Parent), which is the default, then an approver will only be enforced if set at the user level. Setting an approver overrides a user’s default approver and prevents the file from being published directly by anyone but that user.
    • Enforce Approver: Select the Enforce Approver checkbox to ensure that a user may not specify an alternate approver. In other words, if the checkbox is not selected and an approver is set, the user must send for approval, but can still choose from the drop-down.
    • Bypass Approval: Setting a Bypass Approval group other than the default system setting is optional. The default is (Level 10 Administrators Only). Assigning a bypass group allows the members to circumvent the approver settings and allows members of the group publishing rights.
    • Exclude Search: This excludes the file from the user’s Quick Search results.
    • Exclude from Sitemap.xml: This excludes the file from a sitemap when generating a sitemap within Setup > Sites. This is only available to Level 10 users.
  5. Click Save when finished.

To learn more about setting access settings for a directory containing binary files, please refer to the Directory Access Settings page. Note that not all available access settings for directories will pertain to binary files.