Page Access Settings


Page access settings are a subset of those available at the directory level, as there are more options for control at the directory level than at the page level. The access settings for a page can be be navigated to from the Pages list view or from the Page Actions toolbar when viewing a page:

  • From Pages list view: Edit > Access
  • From Page Actions toolbar: Properties > Access

Example of Access Settings in Page Properties

Access Settings as shown from Properties


Example of Page Access Settings Modal

Page Access Settings Modal

Assigning Access to a Page

Access settings at the page level override settings for a site, directory, or user. Those set on an editable region take precedence over those set at a page level. A page's access settings can be edited regardless of whether it is checked in or out.

  1. Navigate to the file in the Pages list view. 
  2. Hover over Edit on the file row and choose Access. Alternatively, from the Page Actions toolbar, click Properties and select Access.

    Access Menu Item

  3. This displays a modal where the access settings can be modified. Settings include: 
    • Access Group
    • Approver
    • Enforce Approver
    • Bypass Approval
    • Toolbar
    • RSS Feed
    • URL Type
    • Exclude Search
    • Exclude from Sitemap
  4. Click Save

Access from Page Actions Toolbar

If the user is previewing or editing the page, the access settings can be modified from the page's Properties. 

  1. On the Page Actions toolbar, click Properties.Properties on Page Actions Toolbar
  2. Choose Access from the menu.Page Properties Access
  3. The Access Settings panel is shown. Make changes to the settings for the page.
  4. Click Save

For more information, visit the Access Settings page.