RSS Feed Groups


After creating RSS feeds, it is possible to aggregate them into a group. This combines several feeds into one single RSS XML file. Subscribers can then subscribe to the individual feeds or the aggregate feed if interested in all topics within that general category. Items that appear in a feed will also appear in the group to which their feed is assigned.

An example of creating an RSS group to aggregate feeds is taking the individual Football, Soccer, and Baseball feeds and combining them into one RSS group: Athletics. The three feeds can each be viewed individually, or viewed together in the Athletics aggregate feed.

RSS Groups List View

Creating a New RSS Group

Creating an RSS group is similar to creating an RSS feed, because the same fields are available for both. For additional details regarding the field settings, refer to the RSS Feeds page.

  1. Navigate to Content > RSS
  2. From the RSS menu, click Groups.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Fill in the Path and Template fields for the File Properties panel. Identify the Path from the root of the site to where the XML file for the aggregate feed group should be created. The folders leading to the file must already exist, but the file does not have to exist. Generally, this is an XML file. For Template both the generic template and a media template are available.

    New Group page

  5. Fill in the fields for the Feed Properties:

    Enter a Title for the feed. This is what will be shown in the feed readers.

    Enter a Description for the feed. 

    Enter the HTTP root in the Link field. This is the path to the feed that is prepended to the feed file and should be a fully qualified URL. The trailing slash is required and the path to file should already be created.

    Leave the Publish Date blank.

    Item Count: Enter the number of items that will be displayed in feed readers before they start to "fall off" the feed. While they will still exist in the file, they will no longer be part of the public feed. This can be a number between 1 and 9,999.

    Feed Group Properties

  6. From the Feed Group Members panel, from the Available Feeds list select the individual feeds to be added to the Selected Feeds list. 

    Feed Group Members

  7. Click Save. The RSS Groups list view is shown with the newly added group and any other previously added group.
  8. Publish the aggregate feed by hovering or selecting the checkbox and clicking Publish. Note: A new group, like a new RSS feed, must be published to create the XML file on the production server that is the feed.

Adding Members to a Group

After an RSS group has been created, additional members can be created at any time. Note that an RSS feed must already be created before it can be added as a member to an aggregate feed.

  1. Navigate to Content > RSS.
  2. From the RSS menu, click Groups. The RSS Groups list view is shown.
  3. Select the group to edit.
  4. Under Feed Group Members, click in the Members field and choose the additional feed or feeds to add.
  5. Click Save when done.

Editing an Aggregate Feed

An RSS Group can be modified from the RSS Groups screen in the following manner:

  • Click the linked path or Edit to modify the group.
  • Click Publish to rebuild the aggregate feed (useful when new members have been added to a group, for example).
  • Click Delete to delete the feed group. This only deletes the group, but not the original feeds or items.