Managing Components

Components are managed from Components List View, accessed via Content > Components. 

Components List View

From this view, components can be filtered by name, sorted by name, last modified date, and last launch date, and one, some, or all selected.

Hover Menu

Hovering over a component brings up the following menus: Preview, Edit, File, and Launch.


The Preview menu contains the following options:

  • Preview: Brings you to the component's Preview view
  • Versions: Brings you to the Versions view
  • Log: Brings you to the Log view


The Edit menu only appears if the component is checked out. It contains the following options:

  • Form Elements: Brings you to the Form Elements view.
  • Source: Brings you to the Source view.
    For more information on Form Elements and Source, see the Creating and Editing Components page.
  • Component Settings: Brings you to the Properties view.
  • Access Settings: The Components Access Settings modal appears.


The File menu contains the following options: 

  • Rename: Renames the component.
  • View Dependents: See a list of all pages the component is placed on, and which sites the page are in. 
  • Copy: Copies the component.
  • Disable/Enable: Disabling a component makes it unavailable to users placing a component on pages, but does not remove it from any pages it is currently on. Enabling a component makes it available to place on pages. Unlike a launch, this does not update the component content.
  • Delete: Deletes the component.


Selecting "Launch" will launch the component. For more information, see the Launching Components page.

Selected Item Actions

When a single item is selected, the options for access settings, copy, launch, delete, and disable/enable appear. When multiple components are selected, the dele option will appear. Checked-out components can't be deleted.