Deleting Assets



Level 9 and 10 users have the default ability to delete assets. Lover level users can also be given this ability by an administrator. If a page contains an asset that is deleted, it now includes a link to an asset that no longer exists. This means that the asset wrapper or asset tag is still shown in the WYSIWYG Editor; however, the usual preview or preview message is replaced with a notification that the asset cannot be found.

Broken Asset in WYSIWYG Editor

In the Preview view of the page (or on the live website if the page has been published after the asset has been deleted), a message will appear indicating the asset is broken as well. This message contains the asset tag number as well as the site where the asset is stored and its friendly name.

Broken Asset in Preview

As a result, the asset tag must be manually deleted from the pages which originally subscribed to it. These pages can be found using the Broken Pages report. Visit the Broken Pages page to learn more about this report.

Deleting an Asset

Deleting an asset from the Asset Manager does not delete the asset tag from the subscribing pages. To avoid broken asset links after the asset has been deleted from the Asset Manager, it is recommended to locate all subscribing pages and delete the asset link out of the page itself.

To delete an asset:

  1. Navigate to the Assets list view by selecting Content > Assets from the global navigation bar.
  2. Locate the asset to be deleted. Hover over File on the asset row and choose Delete. Assets are not recoverable from the Recycle Bin, even if the recycle bin is enabled for a site.
  3. A modal will appear to confirm the delete. Review any pages where the asset tag will break and click Delete.

    Delete Asset Modal

  4. When the asset has been deleted, a confirmation will appear at the bottom of the screen. If the asset had any subscribers, a link will appear for the Broken Pages report in the confirmation bar. Clicking the link will send users to the report, so they can address the pages where the link to the asset is now broken.

Confirmation with Link to Broken Pages Report