Form Submissions


When users complete a form created with the LDP Form Asset, the results of the form submission are sent to a database if the Save Results checkbox was selected when creating the form. Additionally, users have the option to send a copy of the form submission to external email addresses. Once the results have been saved to the database, they can be view on the Form Submission screen and/or downloaded in CSV format. The Form Submissions screen is inherently available to user levels 0 through 10 for assets to which they have access.

Viewing Form Submissions

Navigate to the Form Submissions screen with one of the following methods:

  • From the Assets screen, hover over the asset and from the Review menu, select Form Submissions. The asset does not need to be checked out.

Form Submissions on the Review Menu

  • From the assets action toolbar, click Form Submissions.

Form Submissions Example

The Form Submission screen is shown. The report headers are based on the form elements as defined in the Name field, and also include the following elements:

  • ID: An arbitrarily defined ID as a unique identifier.
  • Submission Date: The date the user submitted the form to the OU Campus system.
  • IP Address: Shows the IP address from which the form results were submitted.

Submissions are ordered the same way the elements appear in the form.

Deleting Form Submissions

To delete an individual form submission from the list view:

  1. While in the Form Submissions screen, select the checkbox to the left of the submission or submissions you wish to delete
  2. Click the Delete that appears above the list of submissions.

Alternatively, clicking the red Delete All button in the top right corner will permanently clear all submission data from the form.

Exporting Form Submissions

To export the Form Submission results to a CSV file:

  1. Navigate to the Form Submission screen by selecting Content > Assets from the global navigation bar. Hover over the LDP Form Asset and choose Form Submissions from the Review menu.
  2. Click the Export CSV button. The form results are provided in a CSV file format and downloaded to the local computer.Download CSV