Asset Actions Toolbar


The Asset Actions Toolbar is a toolbar that appears when a user is previewing or editing an asset. This toolbar is similar in design to the Page Actions toolbar. The options available on the toolbar are dependent on user level, access settings, and the status of the asset. The following options are available:

  • Preview: Displays the Preview Asset panel.
  • Edit: Displays the Edit Asset panel.
  • Properties: Displays the General Properties panel for the asset. The Access and Log panels are also available from the left navigation menu.
  • Versions: Displays the Versions screen for an asset, from where versions of an asset can be viewed or reverted.
  • Save Version: Allows users to save the current state of the asset.
  • Check In/Check Out: Allows users to check in or check out the asset. For some options to show in the Asset Actions toolbar, the file must be checked out by the user.
  • Publish: Includes the ability to publish an asset and other publish options including scheduling a publish and submitting for approval.

Asset Actions Toolbar

Preview Asset Panel

Previewing an asset is inherently available for all user levels for content to which a user has access. The Preview Asset panel allows users to review the finalized version of the asset as it would appear within the OU Campus system. When viewing an asset, the name of the asset is displayed in the left navigation. It is important to remember that no changes can be made from this screen and that the user should navigate to the Edit Assets panel to perform the desired actions.

For more information about previewing assets, visit the Previewing Assets page.

Edit Assets Panel

Editing an asset is inherently available for user levels 1 through 10 for content to which a user has access. The Edit Assets panel allows users to modify existing assets within the OU Campus system. Depending on the asset type, the functionality of this page varies but the user interface will remain mostly the same.

For more information about editing assets from the Edit Assets panel, visit the Editing Assets page.

General Properties Panel

Properties for an asset are inherently available for user levels 1 through 10 for content to which a user has access. The Log is available for levels 5 through 10; Access Settings are available for levels 8 through 10. The General Properties panel allows users to edit basic metadata information about the asset, add tags for filtering and sorting assets, and gives the option to lock an asset to the current site.

For more information about the General Properties panel, visit the Asset Properties page.

Versions Screen

Available for levels 0 through 10 for accessible content. The Versions screen displays a list view of all previous versions of the currently selected asset. The following elements are displayed on the Versions screen:

  • Number of Versions
  • Filter: Allows users to filter the list results. The filter is specific to version number, user, user, and description.
  • Displays the list view, which includes the following columns: Version, Date, User, Description, and Options.
  • Sort: The list can be sorted by all columns except the Options column.
  • View: Hover and choose whether to view the rendered page or source view.
  • Revert: Reverting to a previous version will replace the content on staging.

For more information about asset versions, visit the Asset Versions page.

Save Version

Available for levels 0 through 10 for accessible content. When a user clicks the Save Version button, the Save Version modal is displayed. This action will save the current state of the file to the Versions archive. Optionally, the user can enter a description of the version into the provided text field. It is important to remember that the description can be no longer than 256 characters. When the user is ready, they can choose to discard the changes or confirm saving the version.

Save Asset Version Modal


If it is required to send the asset for approval, then the Submit button is available rather than the Publish button. When users wish to publish an asset, they will select a list of available options for publishing from the Publish button in the Asset Actions toolbar.

For more information about an asset's available publishing options, visit the Publishing Assets page.