Scheduled Actions


Authority Level: All user levels. Level 9 and Level 10 administrators will see all scheduled actions in the report. User levels 0 through 8 will only see scheduled actions they have set themselves.

The Scheduled Actions report provides users with a view by which they can review, update, or cancel actions for pages that have had a scheduled action associated with them. This can include pages scheduled to be published, scheduled to expire, or that have a scheduled reminder for the content. Scheduled Actions are found in Reports > Scheduled Actions.

Scheduled Actions in the Reports Menu

From the Scheduled Actions list view, users can:

  • View the number of items with associated scheduled actions
  • Filter results by File, From/Owner, or To/Target
  • Export the list to a CSV file
  • Sort results by any available column (File Type, File, Status, From/Owner, To/Target, or Scheduled Date)
  • Click the file name to preview the content

Scheduled Actions Report List View

Once a user has clicked on the file to preview the content, they can then cancel the reminder, remove the scheduled publish, or remove/reschedule the expiration.