Recent Saves


Authority Level: All user levels have access to this report.

The Recent Saves report displays a list of content that has been saved over the course of the last 90 days, up to 1000 items, and includes information about the type of save that was performed. This report can be viewed by navigating to Reports > Recent Saves.

Recent Saves in the Reports Menu

From the Recent Saves report, users can:

  • View the number of recently saved items 
  • Filter results by File and Publish Type
  • Export the report to CSV
  • Sort results by any available column (File Type, File, User, Save Type, and Last Saved Date)
  • Preview the content by clicking the linked file name
  • Browse paginated results through the pagination on the bottom of the list

When filtering or sorting the list the functionality applies to the entire list regardless of the current number of rows that are shown or what page is being viewed. For example, when viewing page 5 of the results and resorting by the Date column, the view is reset to page 1 and the list starts with the most recent or least recent date.

Recent Saves List View

Save Type Reference Table

Save Type Description
Created from TCF Indicates that the a page was created using a template (TCF/TMPL).
New Copy Indicates that the copy file operation was used from the Pages list view to create a copy of the content. 
New Copy from WebDAV Indicates while using WebDAV the file was copied.
Saved from Properties Editor Indicates page parameters content was saved.
Saved by Asset Editor Indicates any asset type was saved via the Edit Asset panel.
Saved from MultiEdit Indicates the content was updated with a save from editing with the MultiEdit Content.
Saved from Source Editor Indicates the content was updated with a save from editing with the Source Editor.
Saved from WebDAV Indicates a file is uploaded new, overwritten, or moved/renamed via WebDAV.
Saved from WYSIWYG Indicates the content was updated with a save from editing with the WYSIWYG Editor.
Updated by Find and Replace Indicates that a find and replace action was performed that included replacing content in a file or asset.
Updated by Restore Indicates the content item was restored from the recycle bin.
Updated by Revert Indicates the content was updated by reverting to a previous version of the item.
Upload Shows Upload when uploading from the Pages view, from the Pages list view with an overwrite, for Zip Import, and for Upload and Edit.