Facebook Wall Posts Report


The Facebook Wall Posts report can be used to track the posts that users are publishing to specific Facebook accounts. The following options are available for Facebook Wall Posts reports:

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  • Wall Post ID (auto-selected): Shows the ID assigned to the Facebook post.
  • Wall Post: Shows the content of the post.
  • Date of Post: Shows the date and time of the wall post. A date range can be selected.
  • User: Shows the user name of the user who published the page that sent the wall post.
  • Page Path: Show the path and file name for the file with which the wall post is associated.
  • Facebook Account: Shows the name of the Facebook account as configured in OU Campus.
  • Account Description: Shows the description of the Facebook account as configured in OU Campus.
  • Post Status: Shows the status of the wall post (if it succeeded or failed, etc.)

Facebook Wall Posts Report Options

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Facebook Wall Posts Report Results