Revert enables users to restore any previously published version of a page or include file to the staging server. Users can access this function by hovering over the file row in the Pages list view and selecting Review > Versions or by selecting Versions from the Page Actions toolbar of a checked-out page. Reverting a page to a selected version makes that chosen version the one that is available for editing on the staging server. Pages must be published for that version to become available on the production server.

Revert Option in Versions Screen

To revert a page to a previous version:

  1. Navigate to the Versions menu for a page by one of the following:

    Navigate to the Pages list view and check out the desired file. Hover over the Review menu for the file, and select Versions.

    Choosing Versions from Pages List View
    Or, navigate to a page, check it out, and select the Versions button from the Page Actions toolbar

    Versions in the Page Actions Toolbar
  2. From the Versions screen, hover over the menu bar for the desired version and click Revert.

    If desired, a user may also hover over the file and click View to preview that version of the page in preview or source mode. A user may also preview the page once already in the revert confirmation modal. 

    Preview a Version
  3. The confirmation modal is shown. A user may preview the selected version by clicking the linked revision number in the modal, or a user may revert immediately without preview.

    Revert Dialog With Preview Callout
  4. Click Revert. The page has now been reverted to the named version on the staging server. The success message shows to which version the page was reverted.

    Revert Confirmation Message 
  5. Travel back to the Edit or Preview view to edit or publish the page as necessary.

Note: The page must be published to the production web server to make the reversion viewable on the live website. Should the user or individual page be involved in a workflow, users can submit the page for approval as normal.