Prior to checking out or editing a page, a page can be previewed, giving users the ability to see what the page will look like once published. This view provides limited functionality in that no buttons are available for editing or saving the file. Preview does allow for server selection, which can be used in conjunction with Multi-Target Publish to provide views of different variations of the same page prior to publishing to the live production server.

The Preview screen also allows users to use Multi-Browser Preview and Multi-Output Preview. Multi-Browser Preview is a handy test tool to preview a page as it is rendered by any number of browsers on different operating systems across multiple platforms. Multi-Output Preview refers to the drop-down menu by which an output can be reviewed prior to publishing. For example, if the template configuration for a page includes publishing as a PDF as well as an HTML file both outputs are available for preview.

Because OU Campus is a decoupled system, server-side code is not executed in the staging environment. Therefore, some items (such as dynamically generated news listings) may not display in the Preview mode. If it is necessary to display the output within OU Campus, additional XSL code must be created to match the production server display.

Previewing a Page

Pages can be previewed in one of two ways:

  • From the Pages list view, hover over the page row and, from the Review menu, select Preview. 

    Review > Preview in Pages List View
  • When viewing a page, select Preview from the Page Actions toolbar.

    Preview on Page Actions Toolbar

Pages can be previewed whether it is checked out to the current user or not, and users can preview files checked out to others. Users are taken to the Preview view after saving a page from the Page Parameters screen, or after saving the page and exiting the WYSIWYG Editor.

Multi-Output Preview

Multi-Output Preview can be used to display the other products that have been configured for the page. Use the drop-down menu next to the file icon to choose the output for preview. 

Multi-Output Preview Drop-Down
Contributors can preview pages rendered with different file type formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF, CSV, XML, and mobile, as well as any UTF-8 compatible foreign language formats (including two-byte languages such as Chinese and Japanese). If an XSL template is designed to output multiple files, Multi-Output Preview provides the ability to view all different outputs before publishing the page.

For more information, visit the Multi-Output Preview page.

Multi-Browser Preview

Users can select different browser and platform combinations to preview before publishing the page, resulting in full-resolution screenshots of the page in each selected browser/platform.

Multi-Browser Preview Button

For more information, see the Multi-Browser Preview page.

Publish Target

When Multi-Target Publish has been enabled and alternative publish targets defined, then the publish targets can be selected for preview.