The Review menu allows users to view information about a page, file, or Asset. Users can review pages and binary files from either the Pages list view or from the Page Actions toolbar. Assets can be reviewed from the Assets list view or the Asset Actions toolbar.

The options available in the Review menu are dependent on user permission level as well as the current status of the content. Content that is not checked out will have fewer options available. Pages that are not checked out will only have the following options available by default:

Review Menu for Checked-In Page

Content that is checked out will display the following options by default:

Review Menu for Checked-Out Page

Not all users will have the same permissions and therefore may not have the same options available even if the content is checked out.


Prior to checking out or editing a page, a page can be previewed. This view gives users the ability to see what the page will look like once published. Users will not be able to edit the page via the WYSIWYG or Source Editor from this view; they must go to the Edit or Source view, respectively, to edit. Preview does allow for server selection, which can be used in conjunction with Multi-Target Publish to provide views of different variations of the same page prior to publishing to the live production server.

For more information, visit the Preview page.

Page Check

The system includes methods for configuring several "checks" that can be run manually and/or at the time of page publish, and which can be required to be performed. The available checks include tools for spell check, link check, page validation, and an accessibility check of which one of several specifications can be designated.

For more information, visit the Page Check page.

Save Version

Clicking Save Version will manually commit the version of the page or file that currently exists on the staging server to the versioning system, which is accessible via Review > Versions.

For more information, visit the Save Version page.


The Versions tool allows users to access and review previous saved versions of content. If or when necessary, users can revert to any previous version of a page. The current state of the page on staging can be compared with the page's current published version or any previous version. The resulting comparison includes a color-coded markup indicating how the pages differ.

For more information, visit the Versions page.


In addition to the built-in versioning system, the system also maintains a log file for a page. This displays all of the saves and publishes, whether manual, scheduled, or if it was part of a directory publish, that have occurred for a specific page.

For more information, visit the Log page.