Users have the ability to publish content at a later date using the Scheduled Publish tool. A scheduled publish can only be canceled or modified by the user who set the schedule, or a Level 9 or 10 administrator. If a new RSS item has been added to a page, but not yet published, the RSS item is added to the feed and the feed is rebuilt with a new page publish. Pages can be scheduled to publish either from the Schedule Publish tab inside the Publish modal, or by selecting Schedule from the Publish menu in the Pages list view.

Schedule Publish for a Page in Pages List View

Additionally, users can schedule a publish by clicking Schedule from the drop-down menu of the Publish button in the Page Actions Toolbar.

Schedule a Publish from Page Actions Toolbar

Schedule Tab

When users select the Schedule tab of the Publish modal, the following elements are displayed:

  • Date: The target date the user wants the page to publish on.
  • Time: The time at which the scheduled publish will take place.
  • Repeat Every: Allows users to repeat the publish by specific amounts of time using the text field and drop-down selector.
  • Subject: Optionally, users can send an external email in addition to the internal OU Campus message. This field lets users add a subject line to that email.
  • Message: Allows users to include a brief message about the publish in an external email.
  • Send Copy to Email: If selected, the option sends an external email to the user in addition to the internal OU Campus message.

Scheduled Publish

After a scheduled publish has been performed, the status of the content will change in the Pages list view. A green calendar icon indicates that the page is checked out to the current user because the user has scheduled a publish to occur. Other users' scheduled publishes will appear as red calendar icons.

Scheduled Publish in the Pages List View

Performing a Scheduled Publish

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the target item's row and select Schedule from the Publish menu. Users can also navigate to a view that displays the Page Actions toolbar and select Schedule from the drop-down menu on the Publish button to accomplish this.
  3. Click in the Date text field to display a calendar widget and select a date. Users can scroll through the months of the calendar using the arrows at the top of the calendar.
  4. Click in the Time text field to display a time selector and set the target date for the publish.
  5. In the Notification section, fill out the Subject and Message fields and choose whether to send an email to the user's external email account using the Send External Email checkbox.
  6. If preferred, switch to the Final Check tab and run any tests necessary before publishing.
  7. Click Schedule.

When the page is published, the user who scheduled the page will receive a notification in their Inbox as well as in their email inbox (if an external email was configured to send).

Note: During peak hours, the scheduled publish server may receive a large amount of requests at one time. As a result, it may take several minutes longer to complete the scheduled publish than the time defined in OU Campus.

If a scheduled publish fails, users will receive a failure message either via email or inside the Inbox, and OU Campus will attempt again at the next available time interval (which occur every 15 minutes). If the publish is attempted three or more times and still fails, the scheduled publish will be automatically removed and another message will be sent to the user.

Removing a Scheduled Publish

A scheduled publish can also be removed from a page or file. A user is unable to immediately publish content that is already scheduled for publishing at a later date until the scheduled publish assignment is removed.

To remove a scheduled publish:

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.
  2. Click the green calendar icon on the target item's row to display the Remove Scheduled Publish modal. Alternatively, navigate to the page and click the Remove Scheduled Publish button in the Page Actions toolbar bring up the modal.

    Remove Scheduled Publish

  3. Review the details in the Remove Scheduled Publish modal and click Remove to remove the scheduled publish. The page is now checked out to the current user and can be immediately published if desired.