Inside a workflow, approvers have the option to reassign submitted content to another user for approval. When content is reassigned, the page, file, or asset submitted for approval will be forwarded to the chosen alternate user. Any user may be reassigned content, but only enforced approvers have the ability to publish, unless other access settings have been enabled for an individual page.

To reassign a file:

  1. Access the content in question from Dashboard > Workflow, the Workflow gadget, or from the Pages list view.
  2. Click the arrow on the Publish drop-down menu and select Reassign.
    Reassign Button in Publish Drop-Down Menu
  3. From the Reassign Approval modal, choose the new approver from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter a Subject (required) and optionally, enter a Message.

Reassign Approval Modal

  1. The Set as a Private Message option determines whether the workflow message will be visible to all users involved in the workflow or just the user to which the message is sent. Other users (such as the person who originally sent the page to the current user for approval) will not be able to see the message if it is set as private.
  2. If the Send Copy to Email checkbox is selected, an external email is sent to email address defined in the user′s settings in addition to the message sent to the internal Inbox. The content of the message includes several links and, optionally, a message from the submitting user.
  3. Click Send when done to complete reassigning the content.

    After the page has been reassigned, the approver for the page is changed and this is reflected in the Workflow list view. An internal message is sent to the new approver notifying them that a new page is awaiting approval. The user who originally sent the page also receives a message in the system notifying them that the approver has been changed. The page will then be automatically checked out to the newly-reassigned approver.

Email Example

When the option Send Copy to Email is selected, several links are included in the email along with the message sent by the user. The links included are a link to approve or decline the page, a link to a user's Inbox, and a link to view the original page.

Pending Approval Email