Publishing Assets


Assets need to first be published in order to be placed on a page. When a page subscribes to an asset (i.e., the asset has been placed on the page), that page will be updated and republished whenever the asset in question is edited and published.

Administrators can limit the number of files that are automatically updated when an asset is updated using the Publish Threshold option in Setup > Account.

Editing an asset is very similar to editing a page. 

  1. To edit an asset, navigate to Content > Assets.
  2. Locate the asset to be edited. Use the tags to filter for the desired asset. Assets from all sites will appear, except for Managed Form Assets, which are site-specific.
  3. Click on its name.
  4. Check-out the asset file, which will enable the asset to be edited.
  5. Make the changes and save as needed.

Important Note: Any changes to assets will not affect the files on the production server until the asset is published. However, changed assets will render on the staging server. Publish can be immediate or scheduled to occur in the future.

How Publishing an Asset Affects Pages

When an asset is published, the content of the asset is saved to the database and is added to the versioning system. All pages containing the asset will then be updated by using the latest published version of the page, which preserves the rest of the page content while updating the content within the asset only. If other changes exist on the staging server that haven't yet been published, they will not be published. In addition, publishing assets using Last Publish Version will not affect the status of pages in workflow, nor will it check pages into the system if they're checked out by a user.

If a site has multiple publish targets set up, and therefore multiple published versions of the page can exist at once (i.e., unique published versions for each publish target), publishing an asset will update the asset content across all publish targets. The rest of the page content will remain unaffected, so different publish targets can still contain different page content.

For more information about setting up multiple, publish targets visit the Publish Targets page.