Multi-Target Publish

Publish Targets


Multi-Target Publish gives users the option to publish to different servers, expanding their options past the default production server. Users can extensively test server-side code, develop new redesigns, or test any major site changes on an alternate server before publishing to the public-facing web server. Multi-Target Publish is also useful in situations where non-OU Campus users need to review a page before it's published to the live production site; an OU Campus user could publish the page to an alternative target, the non-OU Campus user could review it, and then the OU Campus user could then publish the page to the production server.

Once a level 10 administrator has configured additional publish targets from Setup > Sites > Site Settings, the additional targets become available when a user attempts to publish a page, multiple pages, a directory, or a site. Administrators can restrict access to additional publish targets to groups of users, so not all users may be able to see or publish to these alternative targets. For more information on how to configure additional publish targets, visit the Publish Targets page.

When multiple publish targets are available, a Publish Target drop-down menu will appear in the Publish modal, where users can choose the target to which they will publish the page.

Choosing a Production Target in the Publish Modal

When additional targets have been configured for the site, any form of publishing can utilize the Multi-Target Publish feature, including scheduled publishes. Choosing to publish multiple files at once (either by publishing a directory, site, or using checkboxes in the Pages list view) will publish all files to the same target.

Publishing Multiple Pages at Once with Multi-Target Publish

Multi-Target Publish when Publishing Multiple Pages

Publishing a Directory with Multi-Target Publish

Multi-Target Publish when Publishing a Directory

Publishing a Site with Multi-Target Publish

Multi-Target Publish when Publishing a Site