Final Check

Final Check (Site Settings)


Final Check gives a user the capability to perform a series of quality assurance tests on a page before publishing. These include spell checking, link checking, W3C validation, and/or accessibility compliance. An administrator can configure the options, if any, to auto-run when an OU Campus user publishes a page. Even if Final Check is not configured to run automatically at the time of publish, the site may be configured so that a user may manually run any enabled checks.

The available Final Check options are based on the activated Page Check options. For more information about the four checks that comprise Page Check, visit the Page Check page.

Running Final Check

Final Check can be configured in one of two ways:

  • To run some or all of the activated checks when the Publish button is clicked.
  • To allow users to choose which page checks, if any, to run when the Publish button is clicked.

If Final Check is configured to automatically run at the time of publish, the scan will be performed prior to completing the publish. The page cannot be published while the checks are running.

If Final Check is not configured to run automatically, click Run All to run all checks, or click any of the enabled checks to selectively run checks.

Once the checks have completed, users can click any of the Show Results links below each check to view the results. It is strongly advised that the errors be resolved prior to publishing the page. Note that the identification of errors, warnings, or problems do not prevent the page from being published.

Final Check Running in the Publish Modal

Enforcing Final Check 

Final Check can be enforced from Setup > Sites > Site Settings > Publish Settings. By checking this, the admin ensures that Final Check must be run before a page can be published. It can be additionally enforced to ensure that if a page does not pass Final Check, it cannot be published or scheduled to publish until the errors are corrected.

If Final Check has been enforced and the enforced checks return any errors, then the Publish and Schedule buttons will not enable until the errors are corrected. An error message will also display, notifying the user that Final Check has not passed. Level 9 and 10 administrators, however, have the ability to bypass this and still publish the page.

Publish Modal with Final Check Enforced

For information on how to configure this setting, visit the Publish Settings page.