An approver has several options when reviewing content awaiting their approval. This includes the standard editing functionality and other normally available actions such as comparing other versions, editing page properties, or performing a page check.

The approver may also choose to approve and publish the page (if the approver has publishing rights, as it is possible that the approver has an approver), or they may decline the content.

When declining content, approvers have the option to send the page back to the user who requested approval in its current state, or they may choose to revert the content upon decline. When the Revert option is selected, users will get to choose a previous page version to which to revert the page.

To decline a page from the Preview view:

  1. Click the orange Decline button in the Page Actions toolbar.

    Decline Button
  2. From the Decline modal, approvers can edit the subject and message fields and click Decline to send the user a message regarding the content.

    Decline Modal
  3. Optionally, approvers can click Revert to Previous Version to revert the page to a previously-saved version when the page is declined.
  4. After the page is declined, the page is checked back into the system. The original requester receives an Inbox message and (if configured) an email to their external email account notifying them of the decline with links to the page.

When Revert to Previous Version is selected, approvers are taken to the Versions screen after clicking Decline in the modal. From this screen, they can choose which previous version to which the page will be reverted.

Versions Screen