When a page or other file is sent to a user for approval, the user is responsible to review its content, make any further changes necessary, and either PublishReassign, or Decline the page. Remember that other users may be depending on that page's approval to progress in their work, so approving or declining content is best done promptly.

While reviewing content that has been submitted for publish, approvers can use the Versions tab in the Page Actions toolbar to compare the changes or revert back to a previous version of the page, in addition to the standard functionality for publishing. Approvers also have the options to Reassign and Decline the page. 

The approval process can be overridden with the use of the Bypass Approval group setting. A group can be assigned via the access settings for content and members of that group have the ability to publish without respecting the restrictions of any assigned approvers.

Reviewing Content Sent for Approval

Once content has been sent to an approver, the content immediately becomes checked out to the approver. Approvers can access content sent for approval in a variety of ways: from the Pages list view, the My Checked-Out Content gadget, the Workflow screen using the Dashboard > Workflow option on the global navigation bar, or by clicking the link in the external email that was sent upon submission for approval.

For more information on this topic, visit the Workflow page. 

Workflow Screen

Workflow Screen

Content that is awaiting approval is identified by the "thumbs up" icon in the Status column of the file's corresponding row. This icon is used throughout the OU Campus interface. Files that are unavailable for approval due to a previous action may still be viewable by clicking the hyperlinked file path on the corresponding row in the list view.

To review a page sent for approval:

  1. Navigate to the content from the Pages list view, the My Checked-Out Content gadget, an external email, or from Dashboard > Workflow as shown below.


  2. Click the linked content to view it in Preview.

    Preview Tab in Page Actions Toolbar
  3. The page is now available to edit, approve and publish, reassign, decline, or decline and revert.

For more information about declining content, visit the Decline page.

When publishing a page that has been submitted for approval, users will see a new tab in the Publish modal called Approval. This tab allows approvers to customize the message sent to all other participants in the workflow item (or just the user that submitted the file to the current user) and choose whether the message is sent to the other users' external emails. The message will also appear as a public message in the conversation log for the workflow item in the Workflow screen or Gadget. The approver will get a notification in their Inbox, but no external email will be sent to them, regardless of whether Send Copy to Email is checked.

Approval Tab in Publish Modal


  • If the approver has an approver enforced, the Submit button is shown instead of the Publish button.
  • To reassign the page to another approver, select Reassign from the Publish drop-down menu.
  • Depending upon settings and the user, there may or may not be additional functionality available with the Publish button, including Schedule and Expire.

Workflow 101 Video

Workflow 101 from OU Campus Training on Vimeo.