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Administrators have the ability to enable an approval workflow for users. This requires all content from users to be submitted to an assigned approver before the page is published. The approver will then have the option to Publish or Decline the page.

In order to submit for approval, content must be checked out by the user. If the user is in a workflow and restricted from doing a direct publish, they will see a Submit button in the Page Actions toolbar instead of a Publish button.

Submit Button in Page Actions Toolbar
Users level 4 and greater can still submit content edits for approval, even if an approval workflow has not been created for the user. 

Submit For Approval in the Pages List View

When a page is submitted for an approval, the page will automatically be checked out to the approver. The Pending Approval status will show in both the user and approver's Workflow.

After the Submit for Approval button is clicked, the Submit for Approval modal appears. It includes the following items:

  • To: Users select an approver from the drop-down to send the content for review. If the approver is enforced, then the drop-down is unavailable and the content must be sent to the enforced approver.
  • Subject (required): A brief subject used to help identify the file for review.
  • Message (optional): Users enter a brief description in the text field to help approvers identify the changes that have been made.
  • Send Copy to Email: Sends an email to the approver's external email address in addition to the internal OU Campus message received in the approver's Inbox.

After this information has been entered, click Submit to submit the content for approval.

Submit For Approval Modal

Sending for Approval

Both pages and binary files can utilize the approval workflow.

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar. Additionally, expanding the File Navigation sidebar displays a list of the available pages.
  2. Select a page from the Pages list view and hover over the row. Choose Submit For Approval from the Publish menu.
    Alternatively, clicking the linked file name from the list view or the sidebar will display the page and the Page Actions toolbar. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the Publish button to reveal additional publishing options including Submit For Approval.

    Submit for Approval Under the Publish Menu
  3. Select the user from the drop-down next to the To field. If an approver has been enforced, the To field is auto-populated and there will not be a drop-down available.
  4. Fill out the necessary text fields.
  5. Optionally, select Send Copy to Email to allow the request for review to be sent to the user’s external email address. This allows users to receive a notification that action is to be completed, without having to log into OU Campus. Clearing this option will only send the message through the OU Campus system.
  6. Click Submit.

For more information about approving content, please visit the Approving page.

Workflow 101 Video

Workflow 101 from OU Campus Training on Vimeo.