Creating a New Page


A new page can be created from existing templates within the OU Campus system by accessing the Pages list view. The Pages list view can be accessed by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar. Not all users have the authority to create new pages, and users with authority to create new pages may have restricted access to the type of template that may be used. Users have access to the following screens during the new page creation process:

  • New Content Modal (or drop-down menu): Allows users to choose from the available templates to create a new piece of content. 
  • New Page Modal: This modal appears after a template has been selected and contains the fields necessary for page creation (including filename, basic metadata, page parameters, and custom template options).

New Page Creation Options

A new page can be created from the Pages list view by clicking the New button. The New Content modal will appear, and you will see a range of available templates to choose from. These templates will be unique to your implementation, and depending on file setup and access settings, may vary from folder to folder as well.

New Content Modal

Users can click one of the template icons to open the New Page modal for a new page using the selected template. The New Content modal includes:

  • Template Icon: Provides users a thumbnail icon, usually depicting the functionality of the template associated with the image.
  • Template Name: Provides the name of the template (or the template's file name) as it appears in the OU Campus system.

Users can additionally click the drop-down indicator on the New button to display the available templates.

New Content Drop-Down Menu

New Page Modal

After users select the template to use for the new page creation process, the New Page modal displays. This is also referred to as the New Page Wizard. The options available on this modal are directly dependent upon the options defined in the template design files and the XSL. Users fill out all necessary parameters in this modal to create a basic page, usually without adding content at this stage. Page content is added later by the user with the WYSIWYG Editor. 

New Page Modal

Creating a New Page

To create a new page in OU Campus:

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar.
  2. Click the New button, or use the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select the type of page to be created.
  4. Fill out the New Page information in the displayed modal.
  5. When the information is completed, click Create.

Creating a New Page Video


Creating a New Page in OU Campus from OU Campus Training on Vimeo.